1. Conditions of sale and purchase

1.1 identification

The General Terms and Conditions of Recruitment contained in this document apply to all commercial transactions carried out through the Web pages www.grupomaya.com.es
,  www.mayahomelife.com , www.mayaprofesional.com, whose titular is Entidad Maya S.LCIF B96330725, with registered office in: 

Registered office

C/Martinez Valls 4B, 1ª

46870 Ontinyent (Valencia)

Correspondence Address: 

Ap.Correos 167
46870 Ontinyent (Valencia)

Address shipments and receipt of goods:

P.I. El Pla C/ Flassades, núm. 5

46870 Ontinyent (Valencia)


1.2 Object and Activity 

We offer to our costumers the domestic, professional and food hygiene articles that best adapt to their necessities at any moment.

We innovate so that all our products stand out for their design, quality and price. In addition, we offer solutions (product and service) that anticipate the needs in professional and food hygiene and transfer this knowledge and experience for the improvement of household hygiene products and kitchenware.


1.3 Prices

The system of purchase through the Webs www.grupomaya.com.es, www.mayahomelife.com, www.mayaprofessional.com, are subject to the legislation in force in Spain so the prices of the offered products carry "taxes included". 

The sales operations will be understood made in our fiscal domicile: www.grupomaya.com.es, post office box 167, PC 46870, Ontinyent, Valencia.


1.4 Updating of the web spaces 

We reserve the right to make changes and updates on the products, prices, promotions and other conditions contained in the Webs www.grupomaya.com.es, www.mayahomelife.com, www.mayaprofessional.com.

We work so that the information offered is truthful and appears without typing mistakes. If you detect any mistake and have the kindness of notify to info@grupomaya.com.es we proceed to its immediate correction. 

Being responsible MAYA at 100%, if any of these possible mistake had been able to affect your purchase process in your injury, we would proceed to repair the possible consequences.


1.5 Delivery Modalities

We will send the products to the address that you enclose in the order registration form by means of transport companies previously approved by MAYA.

In general, we will not accept shipments against reimbursement.


 1.6 Payment methods

By credit or debit card

Using: Visa, electronic visa or MasterCard. The payment is made through the secure pages of our payment gateway and at no time keep your card data on our servers so you must insert your digits every time you make a new purchase on any of the websites www.grupomaya.com.es, www.mayahomelife.com, www.mayaprofessional.com.

Your order is processed instantly and the products are reserved.


1.7 Shipping/Transport

Products purchased through any of our web spaces are sent by transportation agencies arranged by MAYA.

As a general criterion, MAYA will not impute in your purchases through www.mayahomelife.com additional costs in concept of shipping. When it does, we will tell you explicitly before you start your sales process.

For purchases through www.mayaprofessional.com the shipping costs will depend on the conditions previously agreed.

For shipping costs related to returns, please consult the Cancellation policy and returns.


1.8 Delivery Time

Delivery time may vary depending on your geographical location or the destination of your purchase. Our target of delivery in www.mayahomelife.com is 72 hours. The maximum delivery time is 10 working days (except holiday or holiday periods) if on the contrary it is delayed, for any reason, we would inform you by e-mail or telephone.

The delivery time in purchases through www.mayaprofessional.com, will always depend on the volume of purchase and availability of the products, as well as your specific needs. We will communicate permanently by email.



1.9 Guarantees

We guarantee our products in the legally established terms.

The warranty excludes deficiencies caused by misuse, negligence, improper treatment or manipulation, as well as materials subject to wear due to normal use.

When the use of the guarantee is justified, we will opt for the substitution of the article, discount or refund, in the legally established terms.

The warranty will be void in cases where:

• Modify, alter, replace or miss the purchase invoice. The purchase invoice must be presented for the application of the guarantee.
• Manipulate and/or perceive that the guaranteed product has tried to be repaired by third parties.


1.10 Applicable legislation

Our commercial transactions are subject to Spanish legislation. Laws of application to the matter:

· Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of Services of the Information Society and of the Electronic Commerce.
· Law 7/96, of 15 January, of Retail Trade Management.

In the event of conflict or disagreement in the interpretation or application of these general Conditions of Recruitment, the Courts or Tribunals which are aware of the matter will be who dispose the applicable rules of jurisdiction. Of these, those who will be in charge of solving the conflict will be the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia (Spain).